10 things that get better after a float

“Research has shown that a large number of people today lead lives of such habitual tension and chronic low-level stress that they have never in their adult lives experienced true relaxation.” —The Book of Floating, by Michael Hutchison, Lee Perry

1. Food

After an hour or more of nothing, your next meal is bursting with flavour, firing up your senses again (we’d also recommend keeping it healthy and hearty too).

2. Mondays at work

This is why we love a Sunday float: it dissolves the stress of the week just past, and hits reset for the week ahead. With a clear head and rejuvenated body, you’re ready for another Monday. Your post-float calm and focus also make it easier to get into a state of flow.

3. Working out

Every float releases muscle tension and improves your blood flow. The gravity-free environment reduces your lactic acid build-up and speeds up recovery. Fitness hack? You’re welcome.

4. Creating art, music, whatever

Floating fast tracks your brain into theta state. This is the deeply meditative place between wakefulness and sleep. Also the sweet spot for creative thinking, quicker learning or ‘reprogramming’, and vivid visualisation.

5. Listening to music

Because ear fatigue is a real thing. After giving your ears much-needed rest, you’ll find that tuning into an old playlist is more enjoyable. You might even discover new nuances in every song.

6. Meditation

Making it a routine is easier said than done. We know. So make the float pod your meditation ‘training room’. The more time you spend in the pod, the easier it is to quiet your mind.

7. Your daily commute

Goodbye stress (and road rage), hello endorphins. The calm you feel after a float lasts for days. If you’re stuck on a crowded bus or train, try this: close your eyes and picture yourself floating in the silence of the pod.

8. Travelling

Jetlag 0, you 1. Stretch out and ease your economy-seat-muscle-cramps in the gravity-free water. Definitely a good idea to make a beeline for the nearest float centre from any airport.
<shameless plug> P.S. We’re less than 15-min away from Changi Airport. </shameless plug>

9. Changing or quitting something

If we had to pick only one thing to convince you to float, it’d be personal growth. It’s easier to unlock new insights about old problems, because you can examine any situation uninterrupted. Gain clarity as you sift through the clutter to focus on what really matters.

10. Watching ‘Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey’

Floating is probably the closest you will ever come to being in space (for now). In the darkness, it’s easy to imagine that you’re drifting in a vast universe. And in some way, you really are.

Disclaimer: Don’t expect to experience all of the above at the same time, especially not after your first float. This is based on a regular floating practice. The best floats happen when you don’t expect anything; just keep an open mind.

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