7 life situations that call for a float

How often should you float?

It depends on how you feel. And for some, how ready your mind is to explore. The benefits of floatation are not just physical. The tank also does a lot for your personal growth. We’ve seen floaters make life-changing decisions, pursue new ventures, or simply become more comfortable in their own skin – and we’re sure that floatation had a part to play in it.

So here are 7 situations where a float could make a life-changing difference.

1. When you’re about to make a big decision

We’ve all made regrettable decisions under pressure. But what if you could prime your mind to think clearly in such situations? 

Floating gives you a bird’s eye perspective of anything that’s been bothering you. Because there’s nothing to respond to in the tank, it’s easy to detach from your fears and emotions. You can observe your actions and thoughts with clarity. 

The float tank also gives you something that’s hard to find in modern life: FOCUS. No distractions – no phone calls, no background noise, no demands on your attention.

2. After a break up (or pre-break-up)

It’s no coincidence that some of our regulars started floating because of relationship problems. We’re not pessimists, but shit happens. Relationships (not just the romantic ones) sometimes become toxic, exhausting, and complicated. Finding the courage to leave can only come from within. That’s where floatation comes in. It’s like hitting an emotional reset. What you need to do and how you’ll deal with it suddenly becomes clear.


3. You’re mentally and physically overloaded

Many of us feel tired just thinking about how much we have to do.

Floating is like a massage for your brain. Because it no longer needs to deal with the world outside, your brain eases into the meditative theta state. Your body relaxes and heals from the inside out, and the mental clutter fades away. Normally, you’d have to meditate for long hours to get here.

The effects add up every time you float. You’re training your brain to stay calm when things get intense. To stay centered when life loses balance. To focus in the midst of chaos. Many feel lighter and clear-headed after a float: everything you were feeling overwhelmed by doesn’t seem so bad anymore. You’re rested, recharged, and ready to take on whatever lies ahead.


4. Before a public appearance

Maybe you’re giving a speech, leading a big presentation, or taking part in a competition. To level up your preparation, try this when you float:

Close your eyes. Relax your entire body. Then, picture yourself doing whatever you’re getting ready for. See it from your perspective, instead of from a distance. Imagine yourself at your best, and keep your visualization as vivid and as detailed as possible. Use all of your senses to conceive the sensations and perceptions of the scenario – your movements, your environment, the sounds around you… (adapted from here)

Because there are no distractions, it’s easy to get into a state of flow. Even outside of the pod, you’ll find it easier to return to this focused state of mind.

5. Your body isn’t keeping up with your mind  

You’re discovering pains and aches a little too often. Sleep hasn’t been ideal. Many of us push through the pain, but the truth is, physical discomfort lowers your productivity. Floating gives your body instant relief. Thanks to the Epsom salt and gravity-free environment, your muscles heal faster, you experience deeper relaxation, and internal processes harmonise. You emerge feeling lighter, stretched out, and re-aligned.

6. You’re in an idea rut

Make the float pod your private incubator. In the theta state, your creativity comes out to play. You may also unlock the power of your subconscious, which many believe holds a great deal of under-utilised knowledge, memories and wisdom.

Plus, by doing something new, you’re already refreshing your perspective and invigorating your mind.

7. You want to commit to change

You’ve been talking (for too long) about changing a habit, or starting something new, but haven’t made any progress. Deep down, you feel like you won’t follow through, or you just “can’t”.

They say it takes 21 days to make a habit. We say it takes a real change in your mental programming. Get rid of old beliefs that are holding you back, and replace them with new, empowering ones. In the float pod’s isolated environment, your mind becomes extremely receptive to new information. Here, you can accelerate learning and find deeper insights.

The human mind is an incredible, wonderfully complex tool.
It’s time we used ours better.


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