Altered States: Weightlifting and Floatation Therapy

Presenting ‘Altered States’:

A series of inspiring stories of our regular ‘floaters’,
and their journeys both in and out of the float pod. 


Lay Sang is a familiar face at the float club, and her positivity and passionate spirit constantly inspire us. At 50 years old, she picked up weightlifting because she wanted to prevent osteoporosis, which ran in her family’s medical history. It became her passion, and she has since taken it to new levels with every year. She now competes regularly throughout the year in Olympic weightlifting at the Master’s level. Her athletic journey led her to discover floatation as a tool for both recovery and also enhancing performance – from helping her to find a breakthrough with a stubborn shoulder injury, as well as providing a space for visualisation to improve her game.

Fun facts:

  • Lay Sang once floated daily for a whole month
  • She started lucid dreaming by accident in the float pod, which led her to research more mental ‘hacks’
  • In addition to physical recovery, she now uses the float pod as a space for visualisation to perfect her lifting technique
  • Through self directed mental and physio exercises in the float pod, she reached a breakthrough with a stubborn shoulder injury that even her chiro had given up on.



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