Things to ask yourself before your first float

Besides the usual first-float guidelines (don’t float on an empty stomach, avoid caffeine, avoid shaving or waxing), a little mental prep can go a long way. This is not a quiz – there are no right or wrong answers – but rather things that are helpful to consider so you can let go better in the tank.


Are you at least moderately comfortable being alone with your thoughts?

When was the last time you meditated, or did nothing for longer than ten minutes? If it’s been a while, jumping straight into it without some mental priming can be tricky.

Your first float will make you hyper aware of the everyday thoughts that crowd your mind. It can also bring up thoughts and memories buried in your subconscious. For some, this can feel uncomfortable at first. But it’s all part of the process of letting go, and being at ease with your innermost goings-on.

As our crew and our regulars will tell you, working through these initial feelings is part and parcel of a rewarding journey.




When and how do you feel most relaxed?

Do you go for a long run, head to the beach, or do you prefer to sit quietly in nature? Take this into the tank with you. As you float, visualise yourself doing whatever it is that you do. Try to recall that same state of calmness. Or think about a time when you felt most relaxed (in a previous client survey, most people described moments in nature, usually while on holiday) and picture yourself back there again.


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Have you tried or do you practice meditation? What difficulties have you faced?

You might want to explore some simple exercises on your own. A good place to start is mobile apps such as Headspace. Knowing a few simple techniques can ease you better into a float.

Also, this can help with picking the right day and time to float. For instance, if meditating in the morning is tricky for you because you’re anxious about your to-do list, the same probably applies for your float.


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