Barter Art Project: Finding Flow with Kristie Sim


What happens when an artist who uses traditional mediums tries an unconventional experience such as floating?

We find out with this month’s Barter Art Project feature, Kristie Sim Ze Ming.


Kristie Sim

Kristie is currently exploring Chinese ink and rice paper in her work. As a young artist, Kristie admits to feeling the pressure and “constantly questions the institution’s expectations towards visual arts and its function.”

“What are the responsibilities and expectations of an ink painter,
and how relevant are they?”

Kristie has done artist residencies in Berlin and Beijing, and is currently a year 3 student in NAFA. Her work is largely abstract; instead of straightforward depictions of a subject, she prefers to let it flow, focusing on “the vibe and energy of the work”.

‘bloom’ series

“Rather than accurately describing a subject, I like to work around themes and moods based on my perspective during that point of time…in general a series of work done during a certain period definitely seems to reflect itself as more of a coded diary or journal entry.”

When asked to name her favourite piece of work, Kristie picked ‘Give Me Some Space – Aftermath’ (below). She prefers not to over-think and instead works without expectations. This is how she lets her subconscious take over.


Kristie described her float as ethereal. She gradually slipped into a state that felt like lucid dreaming, an unfamiliar yet physically comforting emotion.


“It’s as if the body and mind was being forced into a tiny gap between being aware and not. The colours used are ones that I saw in my dream and the dream-like state I was in is being depicted by the cloud formations with small interruptions of black specks, like how the mind struggled to understand the environment the body was in.”


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