Barter Art Project: Larrison Gomez

About the Barter Art Project

When suspended in the weightlessness of a float pod, your body relaxes deeply, while your brain slows down and enters theta state. Here, you are free to unearth visions, memories, and dreams hidden in your subconscious. The Barter Art Project is an initiative that trades floats for art, telling the stories of creatives and their journeys into inner space.



You might have spotted Larrison’s illustration in our float journal before. He moved here for work at Apple Singapore, but has wanted to live in Asia since he was young.


What are you creating these days?

Almost exclusively digital art, with some gouache painting here and there (which I like to do on site).


If one of your characters could come to life, which would it be and why?

In grade school, I drew a comic for my class that starred a flamingo wearing sunglasses, and a leather jacket. That would be a sight in the real world, so let’s go with that.


Share something you did recently that you’re proud of.

Though it has been a year, throwing everything away and moving to Singapore has been a fortunate change of pace for me at every turn.


Larrison Gomez - Float Club

“I grew up obsessed with marine biology on the coast of Florida. I would spend my weekends on a local sandbar floating in small currents. It made me feel connected to the sea life, and I was able to see some amazing creatures in transit. I could never truly relax though, due to the fear of drifting out to sea. The float has allowed me to float among the sea-friends in my mind without fear.”


Barter Art Questionnaire Scan - Larrison


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