Barter Art Project: Nicholas

About the Barter Art Project

When suspended in the weightlessness of a float pod, your body relaxes deeply while your brain slows down and enters theta state. Here, your mind is free to unearth visions, memories, and dreams. The Barter Art Project is an initiative that trades floats for art, telling the stories of creatives and their journeys into inner space.


This month, we have Nicholas kicking off our barter art works for 2018. He experiments with mixing acrylic and emulsion paint on canvas, an extension of his journey with graffiti.


“My work is an avenue that I use to share and explore my inner self—it is a reflection of my environment, emotions and subconscious. I use a variety of media and enjoy being guided naturally through the process of improvisation; I see my work as an extension of myself and a visual record of my lived experience.”


What are you creating these days?

I think walls are still my favourite surface to paint, but recently I’ve been exploring a more abstract side of drawing and painting. This year my goal is to bring a whole bunch of personal projects to life and to share more of my work with people.


Describe your style.

I find that I go through phases, sometimes it feels like a necessity and I can get lost in it every other day for months on end, and other times I need the space to distance myself from my work for awhile so I can return with a fresh perspective.

“My mind is easily excited by all sorts of ideas, and I guess that is why I try my best to keep an open mind towards exploring new and different facets of my creative identity; I really enjoy growing with my work in that way.”



Tell us more about the artwork you’ve created, inspired by your float.

Palm Ave Float Club - Barter Art Project

“Much like how you enter a float with no expectations and embrace the experience, I wanted to try doing the same with my paintings. In suppressing that need for control and direction, it felt like I gave my subconscious mind a new level of freedom to express itself. In a way, it felt like I was letting the experience of floating manifest itself through the process of painting.”

Nicholas barter art questionnaire

Which piece of work are you personally most proud of, and why?

It’s hard to answer this one, but if I had to choose I would pick one of the walls I’ve painted. Some of them have been a real struggle and at certain points I’ve just wanted to give up on them, but most of the time those end up being my favourites.

What challenges have you faced in your creative process? How do you overcome them?

I used to have a lot of doubts about my work and that made it a really painful process at times, so nowadays I’m just trying to let go of that and enjoy it as much as I can, while learning and discovering more about myself. I try not to put too much pressure on myself to be constantly creating as well, and I’m learning to be more patient with myself and my process.

Share something you did recently that you’re proud of.

I recently participated in an exhibition with a bunch of friends and it was really nice to connect with familiar faces back home again after being overseas for awhile. More to come hopefully!




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