Barter Art Project: Looking Inward with Rachele Ho

With the launch of our second outlet at Kampong Bugis, we’re equally excited to refresh the Barter Art Project. Each artwork now comes with an artist interview. This time round, we connected with Rachele Ho.

Rachele Ho

Rachele’s strength lies in creating dreamy digital portraits. Her life-like visuals are immaculately painted, their expressions contrasting with a muted color palette. While she occasionally delves into installation work, a keen sense of introspection is a running theme throughout.

A collage of Rachele’s works (left to right, top to bottom): selected portraits, and ‘Views from an airplane’ 

We invited Rachele down for an hour in the pod and got her to illustrate how floating made her feel. The result: a thoughtful reflection on the visceral experience.

“I felt floating was a very familiar feeling, so I decided to use a traditional pot silhouette to represent the pod. Traditional pots are usually very detailed in their design so I kept it simple to show how floating allowed me to let go of complexity and enabled me to achieve a balanced and calming state, both physically and emotionally.

The colours describe the sensation I felt whilst floating – how it felt like the edges of me blended into or with the water and I couldn’t tell which part of me felt cold or warm anymore, I felt like one complete entity.” —Rachele

We delve deeper into Rachele’s mind.

Describe your aesthetic in three words.

Mellow, emotional, playful

Name a colour that best described your float, and why?

It would be a blend of blue and pink. blue for the cool of the water, pink for for warmth of your body and purple for that moment you begin to no longer feel like you’re in a tank filled with water but elsewhere, drifting, floating, flying.

Describe your dream pod (feel free to go crazy).

I’m a massive fan of gradients. My dream pod would be to float amidst a gradient of every colour. Yeah, just floating in a pool of colour to the sounds of the ocean and the crowd it brings, which includes seagulls and horses and ice cream bells.

Name a song that you would totally jive to while levitating in space.

What’s something that happened recently that changed your perspective?

I recently quit my job. It was something I didn’t want to do but felt like I needed, which ended up putting me in a really tough place of substituting my own well-being for what turned out to feel like meaningless activity. I thought I was productive by being as busy as possible and fitting in as many hours as I could for my work every day. I overworked myself and became tired of being on a constant sleep high working so hard for something I didn’t completely believe in. I’ve learnt that striving for balance is key and I’ve decided that being true to yourself is something you can’t be without, no matter what.

Flow is the mental state of being completely immersed in an activity. What’s a flow state to you and how do you get into it?

I guess it’s very easy for me to completely immerse myself in most things I find interesting. I’m sort of an all or nothing sort of person and I get 100% into it. I could draw or paint for hours without breaks, to the insane point of forgetting to eat or sleep! It’s a very organic and freeing process for me, I’m expressing myself through creating something but at the same time I’m letting go. When I watch films or listen to music, I become very focused and committed to everything I’m receiving and feeling. It’s like opening yourself up to the possibility of anything and allowing it to completely take over.

Is there a new skill/hobby that you’ve picked up recently/would like to pick up?

I would love to pick up floating! Or some sort of physical fitness routine. I feel like I spend hours everyday mentally and emotionally figuring things out but I have nothing that physically challenges me. Perhaps something that takes me outdoors and helps me appreciate and connect with my surroundings in a personal way. I haven’t decided yet but I’ll find something!

Take a peek at other works by Rachele here.


About the project 

Trading floats for art, Palm Ave Float Club’s barter art project tells the stories of creative minds and their experiences in the pod. This collective meditation on floating shows how floatation is deeply personal to each individual. Every addition to the project evolves the PAFC story and sheds light on the effects and benefits of tuning in.

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