Barter art project: Trading floats for art

‘Fresh off the float’ is pretty much our umbrella term for everything that floatation inspires – events, music, writing, etc. Two months ago, we added a barter art project to the mix, where we trade floats for artworks.

So far, we’ve got four works in the bag, and here they are. These guys aren’t full-time artists or illustrators. In fact, there’s a teacher, an art director, and an architecture student in this line-up. We’re glad they took time off to cook some badass visuals up, because all this talent should not go to waste.

The first is by Gillian Toh.

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There’s something meditative about jellyfish. Fun fact: Jellyfish look like they’re just going with the flow, but they are possibly the most efficient swimmers in the sea. They just know how to make it look effortless. That’s a skill we could all use…

Gillian even made a GIF to match the float tank’s changing colours. Too fresh!!!

See more by Gillian: Behance | Tumblr

This next one’s by Emmanuel Pang. A reminder to filter out the bullshit and return to our native state.

See more by Emmanuel:

This postcard-perfect one is by Aderyl Tan. When I first saw it, I immediately thought it would look even better if it were animated. (But first I have to learn how to do that myself. #startupproblems) Anyone up for a remix?

See more by Aderyl:

Finally, this astronaut is by Yao.

Yep, sending you cadets to space since 2014. Yao’s portfolio isn’t online, but you can stalk his life in photos:

We dig how float tank art looks so ethereal, you can practically feel the sensation of being suspended in the middle of nowhere. Do a google on ‘float tank art’ and you’ll find some other interesting works.

Get in touch if you’d like to be a part of this.

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