Post-float confessions

Our first journal is full! The best part about floating ~2,000 people is the stories. Everyone has a different way of putting their experience into words.

“4 floats in a week and a half – this is definitely a captivating sport.”

I like my presence feeling that big…I think I’m going to allow my presence to keep expanding throughout my whole day.”

“To whoever’s reading this, accept life for what it is, embrace the tank’s ability to transport us into a space that doesn’t exist, and let your mind realise its true potential.”

“2nd float. Limiting to talk about this in terms of ‘good’ or ‘nice’. It’s deeply therapeutic in ways that I forget I need.”

“The unimportant things fell away leaving a relaxing calm and clarity of thought. I would equate it to the mental equivalent of panning for gold – gradually eliminating the detritus and disposable parts, and leaving behind the nuggets – the things that really matter.”

“Over the last 3 floats I’ve tried to use the experience to manifest something. One thing I will take away is that after you stop taking sensory information in, you realise you are what is being manifested.”

“It is just you and a whole lot of nothingness…Make the tank as big as you want it to be.

“Feels somewhere between dreaming and wakefulness.

“This sounds strange, I know, but my first float felt like I was on a chawanushi trying to set.”

Zen out of 10

“When I first moved out on my own and my parents finally accepted that this wasn’t a bad thing, my dad came over to install a shelf with me. I remember how the water-level thingoid he used was this bright green with a little bubble in it, knowing exactly where to go. Trying this for the first time felt a little like that – installing a perfectly horizontal invisible line in your head, and lining up the rest of you.”

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