Reset your mind and body.

Imagine what a calmer, clear-headed, and focused you could achieve.

In everyday life, your brain is busy processing and reacting to everything around you. Stress builds up, your blood pressure rises, and you feel overwhelmed. Over time, this manifests in poor decision making, physical illness, or injury.

In the tank, everything melts away as you float effortlessly. For an hour or so, your mind is free from distraction and your body is free from gravity. You enter a deep meditative state, while everything works to reverse the harmful effects of stress.

You feel lighter, clear-headed, and stretched out after, thanks to the powerful combination of reduced sensory input, weightlessness, and Epsom salt.

Floating regularly helps you manage stress better, boosts your fitness, and improves your health. 


For your mind

  • Rapid stress relief

    90% of illness is stress-related. High cortisol levels for prolonged periods can wreck havoc on your health. By reducing sensory input, floating lowers your cortisol levels and blood pressure, sending you into deep relaxation.

  • Boost problem-solving and creativity

    Explore new ideas easily as you gain greater access to your right hemisphere. Floating fast tracks your brain into theta state. In this relaxed space, it’s easy to practise self “reprogramming”, learn faster, or visualise things.

  • Gain mental clarity

    Examine any situation uninterrupted as you free your mind from distraction. Every session trains you to get into a state of flow easily. Outside of the tank, it’s easier to focus and return to this state of mind.

  • Advance personal growth

    Find it hard to quit addictive behaviour like smoking? With reduced sensory input, your mind is more receptive to new ideas. Because the effects manifest within you, they are more effective at transforming how you feel, think, and live.

For your body

  • Experience deep relaxation

    Speed up healing, promote muscle repair, and lower your blood pressure. 90% of your brain’s powerful resources are now focused inwards. The reduced tension lasts for days, or even weeks.

  • Optimise athletic performance

    Spark rapid improvement and reach your peak, by practising visualisation in the tank. Train your central nervous system to produce the ‘perfect performance’, free of distraction.

  • Recover faster

    Speed up your recovery in between workouts. The gravity-free environment reduces lactic acid and inflammation, compressing what normally takes a long period of time into hours.

  • Improve your well-being

    Sleep better, work happier, feel good from the inside out. Soaking in Epsom salt rapidly replenishes your magnesium and sulfate levels. This relaxes your muscles, relieves headaches, flushes toxins, and more.

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