Fresh off the float – our float tank testimonials

The most interesting part about working at a float club is probably the post-float discussions. When we moved to our current space, we started a video series of float tank testimonials. Featuring our regulars – or what we call “floatheads” ;) – and their journeys in the tank.

“What I’m feeling right now – as far as my thinking is concerned, and my thoughts that pop up in my head – is no bullshit. there’s no white noise, there’re no re-ocurring thoughts…I have a lot of re-occuring thoughts, like thinking of something will bring this sort of emotion, or this sort of idea, into my head. When I’m in the tank, I see it from above; I see it like the puppet master in my brain that’s orchestrating these thoughts.”

Erik was the first of us to spend an illuminating 5 hours in the tank. Good stuff. The team’s done some 5-hour explorations of their own since, ask us about them anytime.

So we’re getting this series back on track. Our latest episode (below) features Imran, who first floated when he was 12 (he’s 13 now).

If you’d like to share your own experience, holler at us anytime.

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