The GIF guide to your first float

The act of floating is pretty straightforward. But it’s the little details that can change your whole experience.

P.S. It’s always good practice to keep these steps in mind – not just for your first float.

Step #1: Start with a clean slate


You don’t want to bring the grime from your day into the pod, do you? Not only does it keep the pod extra clean, showering gives you time to slow down your mind and starting tuning inwards. Especially if you’re feeling a little jittery. It’ll help you to transition from any kind of day into your float.

Step #2: Kill the lights


Floating is also known as ‘sensory deprivation’. This means cutting out light, sound, or any kind of distraction. When this happens, your mind and body have nothing to process or do. They might freak out a little at first, but eventually they’ll go into deep relaxation.

You may keep the light in the pod on, but trust us, it’s a whole other experience once you turn everything off.

Step #3: Enter the void


Our #1 rule: Respect the water. When stepping into the pod, go slow, so you won’t be floating on choppy waves (which might make you feel nauseous). Nor will you have to deal with Epsom salt water in your eyes or mouth (not fun at all). Settle into a comfortable position – it might take a while to find the right one, depending on how tense your body generally is – and off you go.

Step #4: Float!


To ease you in, music plays for the first ten minutes. Give yourself time to get used to the buoyancy. It’s just you and your thoughts now; just let them come and go. If you feel restless, focus on your breathing. Everyone takes a different amount of time to adjust and eventually drift into a meditative state – without realising it.

The music will play again at the last five minutes. This is your cue to come back to Earth. Have a good stretch, exit the pod, and shower again to rinse off the Epsom salt water.

Step #5: Soak up your newfound clarity


See how your mind and body feel over the next few days. There’s no right or wrong way to float; every one of us has a different mind, emotions, and life experiences, so floating impacts us in different ways.

Illustrations by Yushan

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