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•  Float Guide (Part-Time, Full-Time)

  • Embark on an exploration of floatation, meditation, and innovation in the wellness industry 

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“This transitory period which I spent at PAFC gave clarity to the different shifts in my mental state and provided an excellent environment for personal growth. Floating makes me really conscious of my negative thought patterns and cognitive biases; allowing me to understand how they may have been constructed based on external influences or past experiences.”

—Yushan, float crew

“The best part about the job has been sharing conversations with fellow floatheads. People are usually guarded by nature, but after a good float, they do loosen up a bit. When that happens, we get to share some beautiful, fleeting moments of connectivity. I consider myself to be a bit of an introvert sometimes, so it’s a nice change to be coming out of my shell.”

—Cherie, float crew