Meet the crew – Anisah

What’s it like to work part-time at the Float Club? Anisah shares her experience.



Why do you float? How does it fit into your lifestyle? 

Floating helps keep my anxiety levels down! I’ve got a bunch going on right now – writing on the side, doing assignments, keeping my job here – and when it gets too much I’d just shut down and turn into a vegetable.


“Floating gives me time to think things through. Whenever I get out, I feel relieved and convinced that I’m capable of kicking as much ass as I want to.”


Can you share a memorable float experience?

I remember a particular sesh I felt as though I was warping in and out of a black hole. One minute I existed, and the next, it was complete nothingness. It freaked me out a bit but I just rode that wave and I ended up feeling pretty grateful to be alive.




Let’s pretend the tank lets you communicate telepathically with anyone. Who would you pick? 

Honestly can’t think about anyone else but Beyonce. We can have Wednesday afternoon chats about Blue and the twins. I can try to get her to fly me out to one of her concerts!!!


Do you think aliens exist? 

I think the Universe is too vast to rule it out, and we can’t be God’s only project.

“Finding balance is about making time to slow down.”


Share something you’ve done recently that you’re proud of.

I got myself into Uni! It’s not an amazing thing and plenty of people go to school, but I’m proud of moving forward and also holding on to some independence by working part-time and doing freelance work (but I still need you, ma and pa). The days can get long when I have to be up in the morning for school and rush across SG for work, but its super fulfilling and I’m happy I’m coping well.


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