Meet the crew – Derrick

The float club recently turned three! Our founder, Derrick, shares some stories.


Three years on, how has the PAFC story evolved? 

PAFC started as a passion project from my home with one tank. Of course my mom thought I was out of control and I questioned myself as well. But there was no turning back, with the down payment made, depleting my life savings.

Three years on, we are still trying to be a beacon of positivity, providing refuge from the competitive demands of this city. A lot of people in this city are striving to hit goals and are stressed out by these targets. A lot of us believe that it’s necessary to tahan life so we can get that dream car, dream house or dream partner and we will finally be happy. It’s all right to set these goals, but we try to help people realise that you can experience bliss as you move forward in life. When you’re happy, you work better, you learn to have fun with your imaginations and ideas come out like a healthy strip of poop. (or flowers if you’re a fairy) It’s amazing!

“PAFC now shares its story with everyone who comes over to experience nothing. It’s now a community that doesn’t just revolve around floatation but also for this genuine excitement for life. We try to keep a playful mindset and allow experiences to unfold naturally.”

You recently did a 14-day float. How was it?

I floated everyday for 14 days in December. It felt like a two-week retreat. I had set an intention to be as self-aware as possible of the thoughts that come up throughout the day. With that I was hoping to find some form of breakthrough in my life.  I’m not sure if I did get a breakthrough but I started practicing yoga every morning on my laptop along with the floats, and I still practice this. I managed to build an art installation for the open house from conceptualization to execution. Perhaps the breakthrough was the reminder that we are always moving forward in a way that’s good for us, so eat the strawberries.

Derrick Foo

Share one of your favourite stories at the float club. 

A guy from Mexico dropped by the float club mid last year to do a 4-day float – 90 mins – 2hrs everyday – before resuming his journey south. We talked a lot about suffering and grief and he shared his wisdom and views of love from hermano to hermano. It made me feel connected to something bigger. On the last day he conducted an impromptu ceremony for friends and the team on our first ‘inner space session’ with the PandoraStar, a light entrainment device that we were experimenting with. We ended the night eyes wet, super charged and feeling grateful for one another.  It was a powerful evening for everyone.

“It reminded us that people walk through our doors to be healed in one form or another, so keep spreading the good vibes.”


Let’s pretend the tank lets you communicate telepathically with anyone. Who would you pick? 

My mom. But it would only take a split second for me to communicate everything I want to express to her.

So what is the meaning of life? 

This is deep. I think life gets easier when we learn how to surrender to the outcome. What we have control is our actions and perspective. Our body, our mind and spirit are all interconnected but can also be disconnected at the same time. So treat your body right, spend some time to reflect and practice listening to your higher self. The definition that we give to life affects our state of mind and shapes the way we view the world around us. 

“Good thoughts bring forth good fruit. Bullshit thoughts rot your meat.”


Where do you see PAFC in the next five years? 

I see PAFC getting more people to chill the f/ck out.


Name your proudest moment in 2016.

The Mindf/ck open house was a pretty big event for us all.  It was awesome seeing the entire team working on a single cause. We tie-dyed t-shirts, collaborated with artists, ensured the drinks and food was on point and built these experience booths. There was definitely room for improvement but we had a lot of fun. I think everyone in the team leveled up in someway and it was such a great way to end the year.


The OG tank back at Palm Ave in early 2015

What are your favourite things about the two spaces? 

Waringin Park is great because it’s away from the city.
Kampong Bugis is great because it’s near the city.


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