Have you met Esaint?


Esaint started out as a customer who was just really into floatation, and a few floats later, he approached us to be part of the team. We appreciate that, because hiring for a float club is not easy – we want to form a team that you can trust, made up of people who believe in floatation, who can talk to you about the experience in a 100% sincere way.


Why do you float?

It helps me grow. I find it an extremely convenient and stable way for me to slip into certain states of consciousness, which are beneficial for my evolution and well-being. I could also describe it as a reset button for when my thoughts get too convoluted. Any anxiety I may have just dissolves when I am in the tank.

Why do you work here?

Floating is something I see a lot of potential in, and it’s something I want to explore further. I wouldn’t be able to do that sustainably on my own dime, so my next best option would be to work here — and float for free!

I also see floating as a gateway for the uninitiated, a wading pool for people who are taking their first steps into self-exploration. It’s a great alternative for people who are averse to trying other methods such as, yoga, meditation, or even mind-altering substances.

Because this has worked so well for me, I want to get it out to as many people as I can. I want to be part of the floating movement, to help others become aware of who they are.

How do you feel after a float?

Hmm, it varies. On a good day, I am hyper-aware of everything around me, within my body and mind. I am totally relaxed into my being. On a bad day, I just come out feeling really refreshed and relaxed. Win-win really.

What would you say to people floating for the first time?

That would depend on whom I’m talking to. Everyone’s built differently and the experience varies from person to person. But I guess if I really had to, I would tell the person to go in with an open mind, without any expectations. Just observe.

One word to describe the experience of floating?

I could use a mountain of words to describe the experience and it would still fall short. How do you express silence?

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