Post-float confessions #2

“Many of us know that salt used to be a form of currency, and that’s where the word ‘salary’ originated. I now understand why it was so precious, and remains so. Salt can preserve many a thing, and for me, it has helped to preserve my sanity… for now.”

“As I tried to relax, I felt that my body is like a rubber that’s expanding with the water. My mind is surprisingly calm.”

“My first 15-20 mins was a kind of tug-of-war between relaxing and being conscious with the environment.”

“Salt water got in my eyes
I floated on the noodle
I put out the fires
I came out to doodle” 

“Leave those heavy things behind and stay floating”

“I drifted away into a space that never existed”

“This was something unlike anything else that I have ever felt, dreamt, thought, believed. I entered the pod uncertain about what lay ahead, I left the pod feeling fresh, clear, free…”

“That same person that leaves and enters the pod is not the same”

“Today I got to have an honest conversation with myself. No distractions, no faking answers + actually coming up with real solutions. I came out with focus + calm ready to implement those solutions with clarity + ease.”

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