What to expect at your first experience: Red Light Therapy

In addition to our six float pods, you can now also enjoy Red Light Therapy. Last year, we spent some time looking for complementary services to add to your float club experience. Eventually, we settled on Red Light Therapy because it has abundant research, proven benefits for various health needs, and is easily paired with your floats.

It’s science, not magic

Red Light Therapy (RLT) has been studied in over 500 human trials and 4,000 lab studies. It has been proven to offer many benefits: from relieving aches and pains, boosting energy and muscle performance, improving skin quality through collagen production, to helping ease side effects of traumatic brain injuries.

Many of us have poorly functioning cells because we live a life full of stressors – work, toxins and heavy metals in our food, artificial light at night, air pollution, and more – all of which hinder our ability to produce energy. So RLT works by increasing your mitochondrial function; using oxygen more efficiently to produce cellular energy (ATP). The more energy production and cellular respiration you have, the better your body functions as a whole.

“Red/NIR light are not some weird technology that benefits us for some random reason. These wavelengths of light come from the sun, and it turns out our body has evolved over millions of years to be capable of utilising red and near-infrared light from the sun to help power up our cells…”

What to expect at your first session?

Because the Red Room combines four panels, it treats the entire front or back of your body at once, head to toe, with an effective dose. Our lights are BIOMAX 600 panels from Platinum LED.

  1. 1. Remove any clothing that covers your desired treatment areas
  2. 2. Set the timer on the panel to your preferred duration (e.g. 5 mins for your front, then repeat 5 mins for the back).
  3. 3. Stand at the appropriate distance (between 8″ to 14″ for deep tissue, or 16″ to 22″ for skin)
  4. 4. Press ‘Start’ and soak up the goodness

What else do I need to know?

What’s the right dose for me? Start off on the lower end and see how you feel. If you feel fatigued after a session, you might be getting too much. For best effects, you can use red light therapy on a daily basis, or at least thrice a week.

Is it possible to overdo it? Note that red/NIR light has a ‘biphasic dose response’; this means that at very low doses, you will get little to no effect. At the right dose, you’ll get good effects. But if you do much more than that, you will go back to having little to no effect. 

What’s the difference between our lights and at home devices? With 10 years of experience in the industry, Platinum LED lights are high power lights that deliver an effective dose, even from further distances. At home devices typically do not have the full strength and efficiency of professional machines. High power lights penetrate more deeply into your body, delivering higher irradiance, so as to produce a therapeutic effect at the required depth in the targeted tissue.


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